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“Hospice is not the fast track to the end of the race... it’s simply choosing a smoother ride for the journey.” – Unknown

elderly woman learning how to drawWhether hospice care is needed in your home or apartment, an assisted living facility or nursing home, CompCare Hospice, Inc. is here to care. We strive to help people with life-limiting illnesses to live fully, with dignity and comfort, to the end of life. We also offer support to families and carers, particularly during times of grief.

What Is Hospice?
Hospice is a unique form of medical care designed for patients facing a terminal illness. It is a philosophy of care focused on comfort and quality of life, intended to give patients and their loved ones meaningful time together when the focus is on the people, not the disease. Hospice provides palliative care and enhances the patient’s quality of life through the treatment of pain and other symptoms.

Our hospice team has professional staff members devoted to delivering comfort and quality care at a time when it is needed the most. We utilize the best methods of pain management and symptom control to enable the patient to be as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to develop a trusting relationship with the patient and family, to honor the patient’s right to make decisions about their medical care, and to assist with the physical, emotional, and spiritual process for end-of-life care.

gray colored interlocking homesWhere Does Hospice Care Happen?

  • Your Home: If you choose, hospice services may be provided in your home. When our professional staff makes their visits, they bring compassion and comfort to the patient and family in this time of need.
  • Facilities: If you choose, hospice services may be provided in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), Board & Care Facility, or an Assisted Living Facility.
    • Hospice provides supplemental care to the patient who is already receiving care from the facility staff.
    • Hospice works with the facility to bring additional clinical expertise in the areas of pain control and symptom management.
    • Hospice provides medical equipment, medications, and medical supplies that pertain to the terminal illness.
    • Hospice has professional staff to assist the patient and family in making final arrangements.

Services Offered
Through our interdisciplinary team approach, CompCare Hospice, Inc. offers the following services:

  • Visiting Hospice Staff
    Our team of doctors, nurses, health aides, and other professionals are always available to our patients.
  • Grief and Bereavement Support

    Our Hospice Social Worker completes a bereavement assessment when the patient is admitted to Hospice Care, a care plan is developed with the patient’s family and the interdisciplinary team to address bereavement and grief issues.

    Our Hospice Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor provide support in keeping with the patient’s/family’s/caregiver’s belief system and practice and in accordance with the plan of care. We care and listen to their questions about the purpose of life, suffering, need for forgiveness, and the progressive losses that accompany a serious illness. Spiritual care is also provided through prayers and observance of religious practices. Our Spiritual Counselor can also serve as a liaison to the community clergy – assisting with funeral and memorial services and supporting family members during this most difficult time.

  • Pain Management
    After being evaluated by our hospice team, we will tailor a pain management regimen specific to each patient’s needs.
  • Medications, Supplies, and Equipment
    CompCare provides everything you need to make your transition from hospital to home as seamless as possible. You’ll have the confidence of knowing your home is ready with the equipment and supplies you need. You can expect equipment that has been carefully inspected, prepped and tested, and that adheres to manufacturers’ guidelines.

Patient Eligibility
CompCare Hospice provides service to eligible adult patients.

A patient is eligible for hospice when the attending physician and the hospice medical director certify that the patient has a prognosis of six months or less, should the disease process run its usual course. The patient may request hospice through their physician, by calling CompCare Hospice, or by referral from a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Hospice services are covered through the options below:

  • Medicare. CompCare Hospice accepts the Medicare Hospice Benefit with no patient co-payments.
  • Medi-Cal. CompCare Hospice accepts the Medi-Cal Hospice Benefit
  • Private Insurance. CompCare Hospice works with the patient and insurance provider to maximize the hospice benefit available.

Help Is Available
Don’t hesitate to contact us at 323-782-0441 or Set an Appointment. We are available to answer your inquiries and concerns. At CompCare Hospice, we are here to help you and your family.

For service arrangements, you can Request for Hospice Care now.